Line6 Pod Studio UX 1 Audio Interface

Line6 Pod Studio UX 1 Audio Interface

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Recording guitar has never been easier.


Capture your best riffs in an instant.

POD Studio™ UX1 is a streamlined audio interface that makes it fast and easy to capture your inspiration and record great-sounding tracks. Plug your guitar straight into the 1/4-inch guitar input and start laying down amazing riffs. A balanced XLR input with a built-in high-quality mic preamp delivers clean and transparent vocal tracks. Connect the gear you need with an essential collection of inputs and outputs. Line 6 ToneDirect monitoring eliminates latency and provides a natural recording feel. Plus, setup is as easy as turning on the power and plugging in your guitar. With POD Studio UX1, you get a fast and intuitive way to create studio-quality recordings.


A complete home recording setup.

With POD Studio UX1, you can create incredible recordings—from the first idea to the final mix. POD Studio UX1 comes standard with the POD Farm® 2.5 plug-in suite and Cubase LE recording software, giving you a powerful collection of recording tools. Access a world-renowned collection of amps, cabs and effects with POD Farm 2.5. Turn your computer into an intuitive recording studio with Cubase LE. It’s a complete package that gives you everything you need to capture your inspiration and great studio quality recordings.


  • Lowest noise—Record with 12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces
  • ToneDirect monitoring—Exclusive Line 6 ToneDirect monitoring makes latency is a thing of the past
  • Authentic touch response and feel—Record using high quality amp and effect modeling without sacrificing tone or feel
  • Studio-quality recording—44.1/48 kHz 16-/24-bit recording (88.2/96 kHz with sample-rate conversion)
  • Fix it in the mix—Record a dry signal while monitoring a fully processed POD® tone—don’t commit to a tone until you’re ready
  • Power and portability—UX1 is portable, durable, and ideal for use with Ableton® Live, GarageBand®, Pro Tools®, Logic® and many other recording platforms


  • 1/4-inch input (adapter required for use with microphone)
  • Balanced XLR input with mic preamp
  • Trim knob
  • Two 1/4-inch line inputs
  • 1/4-inch stereo monitor input
  • Two 1/4-inch analog outs
  • 1/4-inch headphone out


  • USB bus-powered with LED status indicator
  • Rock Solid ASIO, WDM and Mac® OS X Drivers


  • 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)
  • 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording)
  • Drive speed 5400rpm minimum (7200rpm or faster recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Internet connection for activation and online features
  • One free USB 1.1- or 2.0-compatible port on computer (USB hubs are not supported)


  • G4 800MHz or better
  • OS X 10.4.6 or better
  • Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST®


  • Pentium® IV 1.2GHZ or better
  • Windows® XP (SP2) or better