Suzuki Harmonica Chromatic SCT128C

Suzuki Harmonica Chromatic SCT128C

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Trial and error for tremolo chromatic harmonica

There was one difficulty in developing tremolo chromatic harmonica. In order to have tremolo stable with a beautiful sound, it is required to pronounce the two reeds in a separate partitioned space. In addition, when tremolo is made by overlapping two slide type chromatic, the intrument become big loutishly and the playability become bad. So what emphasized is to realize a beautiful tremolo sound with ease of operation(compactness, playability> which is the same as single sound slide type chromatic. Because of the problem of slide and size of harmonica, reeds are not overlapped but placed back and forth. However, as the reeds are buffered and tremolo sound is not stabilized. So reeds are arranged not by straight vertically but separate the whistle chamber of fundamental tone and tremolo reed by arranging reeds sidlingly.


  • Range 16-hole 64 notes c~d4(C3 - D7) Slide chromatic
  • Material Brass+Chrome plating cover, ABS body
  • Measure 195×80×30mm
  • Weight 417g
  • Accessory EVA Case