Tama STS085M Mini-Tymp Snare Drums

Tama STS085M Mini-Tymp Snare Drums

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Mini-Tymp snare drums are unique single headed drums, featuring a half set of snare wires that rest against the batter head. You can adjust the snare sound by tuning the round knob, which acts as a strainer. If you completely loosen the snares from the head of the drum, you can play it like a mini timbale. Included with every Mini-Tymp Snare drum is an MC69 single tom adapter, for easy mounting on any kit.

Model No. Size Hardware finish Hoops Lugs Strainer/Butt Snare Wire
STS085M 5"x8" Chrome Triple Franged Hoop (4 tension) MSL10TM Direct attach snare wires Half-set Snare Wires


Drum Attachment

Mini-Tymp Snare Drums include the MC69 single tom attachment.

Snare Wire

Mini-Tymp Snare Drums have a half set of snare wires built in.