Hohner Melodica Airboard Rasta 37 C944513

Hohner Melodica Airboard Rasta 37 C944513

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Cool beats, a happy-go-lucky attitude, and lyrics ranging from hanging in the sun to social commentary: Reggae is lyrically multilayered and surprisingly complex, but always laid back and a guarantee for good times. A part of the typical soundscape: the melodica.
To reflect the relaxed attitude of musician and music alike, we redesigned the melodica to fit better into this scene. The result: the Airboard Rasta. A beautiful colorway and sturdy construction are combined with the sound of the classic melodica. Thanks to the airtight construction, the sound is crisp and voluminous, and the newly designed mouthpiece makes it incredibly comfortable to play. The Airboard Rasta is available with 32 and 37 keys.


New mouthpiece
A newly designed, ergonomic mouthpiece increases the comfort and playability

Special colorway
Black, red, yellow, and green keys and a red, yellow, and green zebra print body make for an incredibly lively look

With carry bag
Each Airboard Rasta comes with an exclusive carry bag for safe and stylish transport


  • Tonal range: F3 - C6
  • Length: 42 cm / 16.5”
  • Weight: 590 g
  • Color: red, green, yellow, black
  • Packing: padded bag with carry strap