Seydel Harmonica Chromatic Volcany Solo Key C 56480C

Seydel Harmonica Chromatic Volcany Solo Key C 56480C

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Unique: comb, mouthpiece and the coverplates are made of solid Brass, polished and lacquered - the heart of the instrument are our proven reeds made of Stainless Steel. This unique combination of soft and hard materials guarantees astonishing haptics and a very sophisticated tone. The VOLCANY Chromatic - THE ERUPTION OF SOUND!

Technical details:

  • high-precision manufactured brass comb, polished to a high gloss and with special coating
  • covers made of highly polished brass; special coating with very good gliding properties - very lip-friendly, wide open on the back - for undamped radiation of the overtone-rich sound
  • mouthpiece with very good gliding properties made of highly polished brass with special coating; crescent-shaped and with round channel openings
  • slide package - optimized for improved air tightness; very good sliding properties due to fixed tolerances between mouthpiece and slide track
  • full, loud sound and fast response due to the use of stainless steel reeds - very durable and tuning stable even under heavy use
  • less air consumption due to optimized reedplates made of German Silver - optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reed and slot
  • reliable valve action - proven valve material (burled)
  • in Solo- or Orchestra tuning - straight (upper plate C; lower plate C#)
  • total weight of the instrument: 440 g / 15,5 Oz


  • Reeds: 48 x Stainless Steel, fully-valved
  • Reedplates: German Silver 1 mm
  • Mouthpiece: 12 holes, brass with translucent special coating, half moon-shaped, round holes, CNC-milled
  • Covers: polished brass, with translucent special coating, shiny
  • Comb: polished brass, with translucent special coating, CNC-milled
  • Slider: German Silver, button with ergonomic cushon
  • Tuning: Solo - straight
  • Measures: 143x38x27mm
  • Weight: 436 g / 15.4 oz
  • Keys: C and C Orchestra