Seydel Non Slider Chromatic Deluxe Steel Key C 54481C

Seydel Non Slider Chromatic Deluxe Steel Key C 54481C

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 The Non Slider Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL - playing chromatically re-thought


  • Reeds: 48 x Stainless Steel, without valves: G, A, Bb, C, D; fully / half valved: LF, LE, LD, LC, C-Orchestra 
  • Reedplates: German Silver 1 mm
  • Mouthpiece: 12x2-holes (double rows), silvered, halfmoon-shaped, round holes, CNC-milled
  • Covers: Stainless Steel, shiny
  • Comb: acrylic glass, orange, CNC-milled, printed
  • Slider: non
  • Measures: 143x38x27mm
  • Weight: 196g / 6.9oz  

Technical data:

  • innovative CNC milled double row halfmoon-shaped mouthpiece with 2 x 12 round holes (replaces the slider pack)
  • maintenance free and air tight: low air consumption and very dynamic playing
  • full, loud sound and fast direct tone response 
  • stainless steel reeds (48 pcs.): durability and tuning stability even under heavy use
  • solo tuning in C: the 12x2 channels correspond to three full octaves of standard chromatic instruments
  • equal temperament, concert pitch a' = 443 Hz (pitch drops slightly if played with a certain pressure)
  • very airtight construction (without slider)
  • no valves in the keys of G, A, Bb, C and D: absolutely insensitive to moisture
  • LC, LD, LF and C orchestra are valved for better tonal response, enhanced blow-bending functionality
  • tolerance-optimized reed plates made of German silver yield excellent flatness 
  • corrosion-free stainless steel cover plates
  • robust, high-precision CNC milled comb made of acrylic glass with optimized cells for ideal tone response; semi-transparent orange
  • together with a suited harmonica holder the NONSLIDER Chromatic can be played handsfree (please refer to the tips section above)