Tama HT230 1st Chair Drum Throne

Tama HT230 1st Chair Drum Throne

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A drum throne with a 13" diameter round seat that uses a screw rod method for height adjustment. It is a standard model with excellent versatility, with high stability due to the double legs, although it is a lightweight type.


Traditional Rounded Seat
A 13" diameter round seat with high versatility that is easy to use for any play style.
Seat diameter: Approx. 330mm
Seat thickness: Approx. 90mm
(Seat thickness includes seat holder not)

1st chair height adjustment
The 1st Chair is a drum throne that has both a pipe-type mechanism that allows for “rough and quick height adjustment” and a screw-type mechanism that allows for “fine height adjustment”.

■ Adjustment method
1. Loosen the T nut (A), slide the screw rod to the desired height in the same way as adjusting the length of the pipe (Fig.1), and lightly tighten the T nut (A). .

2. Rotate the height lock (B) in that state and lower it to the position of the die-cast joint.

3. If fine adjustment is required, loosen the T-nut (A) and then rotate the height lock (B). Instead of rotating the height lock, you can adjust by rotating the seat (rotating the seat to the right lowers the seat, rotating it to the left raises it).

4.Finally, tighten the T-nut (A) firmly.


  • Height adjustment range: 460 to 660mm
  • Weight: 4.0kg
  • Pipe diameter: 25.4mm- 22.2mm
  • 3 legs: Double legs
  • Height adjustment method: Screw rod type
  • TAMA 1ST CHAIR backrest unit ) HTB5/HTB5B cannot be installed. Please be careful.