Tama HTW839W Roadpro Double Tom Stand

Tama HTW839W Roadpro Double Tom Stand

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TAMA's Roadpro series hardware is designed to excel as the name suggests - professional stands that are road worthy. This stand features Stilt-System which allows the stand's angle to tilt for super easy-to-reach tom placement and Omni-Ball Tom Angle Adjustment positions the 10.5mm tom arms give precise and secure tom positioning. The base of the stand is anchored with three double-braced legs and over-sized rubber feet for stability and Glide-Tite Grip Joint secures non-slip height adjustment.


Omni-Ball Tom Angle Adjustment
With its rock solid stability, TAMA's Omni-ball system has been acclaimed by pro drummers for well over twenty years. You can achieve almost any angle by loosening one T-nut.

Individual Tom Height Adjustment
With the HTW839W & HTW849W, one individual tom holder is inserted in another pipe. This way, you can adjust the height and angle of each tom individually.

Stilt System
The base of the HTW839W double tom stand features TAMA's Stilt system. By tilting the stand itself, the back-and-forth position of the tom toms is more easily adjusted.

Nylon Washers
By inserting nylon washers into the leg stand joints we have improved durability and made the leg action much smoother!

Glide-Tite Grip Joint (US.PAT.NO.9631656)
Our new Glide-Tite Grip Joint allows for a more secure attachment by using a metal-to-metal contact point. This provides an extremely solid anchor and complete isolation for a tom or cymbal. Because the stand does not move with the instrument, the natural resonance of that instrument is maximized.




  • 28.6mm Diameter Base Section Tubing
  • Omni-Ball Tom Angle Adjustment
  • Stilt System
  • Gride-Tite Grip Joint
  • Double Braced Legs
  • Weight: 5.0kg (11lbs)